Banjo Instruction
Lessons for Rank Beginners on Up

I teach so students have the knowledge, tools, and experience to play whatever songs are thrown their way.

My approach works well when you are playing in a jam circle and are hearing a song for the first time. It also works well in performance settings when an unscripted event suddenly throws the spotlight on you.

Lesson Areas

  • Fundamental and Advanced Scruggs concepts and ideas
  • Developing ear skills to know what to listen for
  • Planning where, when and what to play (backup and lead breaks)
  • Adapting your playing to the musical environment

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Some Frequently Asked Questions How long have you been teaching? I have been teaching in person for over 20 years. I started teaching people online in 1998. I've been playing banjo almost 40 years and have about 30 years experience as a professional player. Bands I've played with include Wyatt Rice and Santa Cruz, Johnny and Jeanette Williams Band, Hershel Sizemore, Piedmont Grass, The Shady Grove Band, None Of The Above, Rain Check, The Severts,Atomic Roots, Rich In Tradition, Last Resort, Arnie Solomon Band,and many others. Where is your teaching studio located? I teach in Mt. Airy, NC, and I teach many students from around the world using Skype. How can I test if my Skype connection will work? Skype has documentation about how to have the best quality during a call. The easiest way is for you to contact me (by phone or email) and we set up a test. Do you use tablature? I do use tabs but not with everybody. Tab for me, is best left for players who have moved beyond the basics and who have developed some decent ear training. I do not use tabs for rank beginners, but do use them sometimes with more experienced players as a learning aid. What is an online lesson like? The key for any good lesson is the ability to interact without distraction. With adequate connections and computers, Skype lets us have an almost 'being there' experience. I have worked successfully with students in all 50 states (even Alaska and Hawaii) and with students in New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Agentina, Thailand, Canada, United Kingdom, and more. I will work with you to test the quality of connection between us and see if Skype will work for us. But remember, I started teaching online back in 1998 with only audio so there are many ways that we can try to make this work for you. What are your fees and pay structure? My rates are $35/hr. I do not require that students pay by the month or other blocks of time. You also do not have to schedule a lesson every week. Everybody's needs are different and I work with a schedule that meets your needs. What is your cancellation policy? I understand that unexpected events occur so I try to work with everybody. I appreciate as much lead time as possible. That way if I have another student wanting that time slot for the day, I can accomodate him or her.
John Boulding
Phone: 336.483-7838

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