Banjo Lick of the Week (LOTW) on YouTube

Banjo Video Lessons are posted regularly on YouTube. The list of Youtube videos was compiled by Jack Suter of,
(AKA Banjo Hangout member JackJack)

* Marks videos that have been redone with higher image definition and better audio.

LOTW Videos

Random Licks

G Melodic

C Melodic

D Melodic

Single String

Scruggs Foundational: Licks and Rolls

G Licks

C Licks

D Licks

Scruggs Foundational: Backup

Blues and Scruggs Style


Beginngs and Endings

Alternate Tunings

Tremolo Series

Building Solos in Scruggs Style

"Formating" or "Job" of the Banjo throughout a Tune:
Worried Man Blues

Using a Metronome


Advanced String Bending


Understanding Keys

Scruggs Style Single String

Understanding the Minor Key

Understanding the Capo

Music Theory Application for the Banjo

Beginning Banjo

Understanding Licks

Partial Chord Positions


Waltz Time

Double Stops

Up The Neck

Revisiting the Classics

Transition Licks and Ideas

Chord Groupings

Lick of the Week (LOTW) is a video series I started several years ago.