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I have been an active studio session player for over 20 years, adding banjo, lap steel, guitar and resophonic to projects covering a wide variety or genres from bluegrass, country, blues, rock and R&B.

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Phone: 336.483-7838

Some Frequently Asked Questions
What are your rates? Base rate is $50/hr or $350.00 for an 8 hour day. Plus any travel and lodging expenses if I need to travel more than 30 minutes. Expenses would include mileage, food, lodging and any other travel related expenses. These statements are guidelines only. All final pricing is subject to agreements made between the parties. Should I send charts before the studio session? Sending charts or even recordings is very helpful and saves you time in the studio. I enjoy improvising "on the spot" but I have found that sessions go smoother and the resulting work will sound far better if I have lead time to study the material and listen to it and absorb your arrangements. Time spent ahead of time saves session time and time equals your money on the session fees. Do I need to be at the studio for the session? You do not need to be present for every session for your project. But being present lets you give immediate feedback so any changes can be made while the sessio players are there. If you can't be present every session during the project, we can move forward. We'll just incorporate your feedback later. Can you record locally to reduce travel costs? The quick answer is: "Yes. We can do that." This is a common scenario. Many great recordings are done today without all of the session singers, musician's and you, ever being all together in one studio. Tracks are recorded from any studio and shared via the Internet. I have even recorded tracks in my home-based studio with my high-end microphones in a great sounding room using quality recording software. We can talk and decide whether to use a studio local to me or my own studio.
John Boulding
Phone: 336.483-7838